What me worry?

On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, the County Board was to vote on the proposed Second reading of the Spray Irrigation of manure Ordinance. Somewhere between the First reading, which took place in September at the County Board meeting, and the October meeting—a rewrite with amendments took place. At the County Board meeting, John Pagel, owner of Pagel’s Ponderosa CAFO and Dairy Dreams CAFO, made the motion to volley the Ordinance back to the Land and Water Committee, after farm manager Don Niles spoke, and Pagel employee, “Dave Lacrosse, property manager of Pagel’s Ponderosa, the county’s largest dairy operation.” Both Niles and Lacrosse spoke to the direct financial impact the Spray Irrigation of Manure Ordinance would have on their operation.

The Board voted 15-5 to send the Ordinance back, with Kaye Schillin, Pat Benes, Lee Luft, Virginia Haske, and Mimi Dobbins voting against further prolongation of addressing the ordinance to protect the health, safety & welfare of Kewaunee citizens.

Serious questions need to be asked of this twist, such as why, at the 11th hour, a rewrite was done; who participated in the rewrite; and the remaining who, when, where and why of the backdoor deals and conflicts of interest that continue in Kewaunee County with the old guard upholding the interests of 15 CAFO owners and not the constituency of over 20,500 residents living in Kewaunee.

Please Plan on attending the Land and Water Committee meeting to find out the answers to the questions many of us have, and bring your own commentary, November 2, 9am, at the Land and Water Department [fairgrounds].

For those who may have missed Warren Bluhm’s article, it can be found here: http://kewauneecomet.com/manure-irrigation-ordinance-stalls-sent-back-to-committee/


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