Wisconsin has many concerned citizens who want to improve and protect our great natural resources. Below are links to a few websites to add to your regular internet browsing. Pass along other sites you feel are necessary reading. These  links are provided to help you find tools and information to support your interest and involvement in protecting our land, air and water. Kewaunee Cares is not responsible for the content of these links.

2 responses to “Links

  1. nancy

    hey kewauneecares–the latest egg on your face article makes me want to introduce you to Cornucopia Institute is located in Cornucopia, Wisconsin-and is nationally known as a watchdog organization in its efforts to keep the integrity in the organic marketplace, humane treatment to animals& good stewardship, while supporting family farms and fair food practices. Hope you’ll consider adding them to your links…


  2. Nancy

    Kewaunee C.A.R.E.S goes national on its poster “DATCAP wont let me Drink Raw Milk…but they will Let me be sprayed with RAW MANURE” Way to go…Loved to see it in the Cornucopia website and on their Facebook page! Way to get the word out!


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