Water Testing

Following is a chart showing the most recent results:

Water Sampling Results30Sep13 Sheet1

Regular water testing began on Monday, September 24, 2012 to establish baseline data about the health and safety of waters in the Kewaunee County watershed. Areas currently being tested represent the East Twin River, Kewaunee River and the Ahnapee River. Samples are being collected by people trained by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in the WAV (Water Action Volunteer) protocol and analysis is conducted by a state certified laboratory.

It’s important to look at the results from this first year of sampling as a snapshot in time. We of course have had a severe draught and streams and lakes are being stressed by falling water levels and low flow. However, over time as we accumulate more data we’ll be able to show a much clearer picture of the condition of our water resources.

More test results and analysis will be added to this blog page monthly or as data becomes available.

4 responses to “Water Testing

  1. richard swanson

    Thanking your staff for the hard work, a base line will come in handy, take lots of pictures please, the citizens of Kewaunee and Wisconsin will forever be in your debt!


  2. richard swanson

    Kewaunee County has been the subject of 3 major water testing studies….and….ALL OF THEM TELL THE SAME STORY….”WERE IN A BIG MESS…..”we have too many cows and not enough spreadable land for the 3.2+ million tons of manure each year….and with another 36,000 cows coming with the new permits…..this will now give us over…..4.6+ million tons per year…..WHAT…..? WHY WOULD THE DNR EVEN ALLOW THIS….ASK THEM NOW….CALL….WRITE…..IT’S NOW YOUR BATTLE!!!




  3. richard swanson

    We finished water testing a couple of weeks ago….the readings were off the charts….beyond what our Lab. could test….they were that high…! Our rivers…streams are under attack day after day from runoff…..manure issues are not new for you…..but…..things are getting worse and we are about to get even more cows into this county…..WHY….WHY WOULD OUR DNR DEPT. DO THIS TO US……WHY…..?


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