In a perfect world every day would be full of hope and promise. The land and water would be productive and pure. People and wildlife would flourish in an environment kept clean by diligence and stewardship. Common sense would prevail. Laws would be respected.

But guess what? The world isn’t perfect.

Through this blog, you’ll be able to appreciate the physical beauty of our Wisconsin landscape. More importantly, you’ll learn about the issues that threaten the health of our natural resources and our people.


10 responses to “About

  1. Peter Mckeever

    Nice job with your blog. This will be an important tool for your community. This is the kind of work that is going to improve and protect the environment, since we can no longer count on the legislative process to do it independently.


  2. K. H.

    As a concerned but skeptical citizen, I would appreciate a little bit more information about the Kewaunee Cares organization – a mission statement, maybe more transparency about membership and funding. I think this blog can be useful to Kewaunee County Citizens, but it’s never a bad thing to be up front about where the information is coming from. Thank you.


  3. BZ

    Hi there, I agree with K.H. – although I’m not a skeptic, I totally think the way our nation and county treat the earth is sickening. Anyway, I’m very interested in more information and how to get involved. Thank You.


  4. I am a new resident of Kewaunee County and would like to help in any way… Please let us know of ways to volunteer, etc. I have been thinking of doing a collection of #5 recycling and then bringing it to a drop off site… is this something you can assist with?


  5. Calvin Salmon

    Our world is going to become increasingly localized, not from emotional urges, but from necessity–preserving what is left of our immediate environment is crucial. This seems like a great organization. I would love to volunteer.


  6. I just read about KewauneeCARES in the “Muir View” newsletter. I am already a member of the Clean Water Action Council and own 40 acres of land in Kewaunee County on the Kewaunee River. I am interested in getting involved with your committee.


  7. If the residents of Kewaunee County don’t make an effort to control the pollution in our county, it will only get worse. I support what you are trying to
    do. We need to speak out, and LOUDLY.


  8. My compliments and appreciation to Kewaunee CARES for its important advocacy and action on behalf of our environment and the health of our rural residents. We in Dodge County are faced with similar challenges. Kewaunee CARES is a model of grassroots advocacy. Greg Farnham, Commissioner, Lake Sinissippi Improvement District, Hustisford


  9. Green waters are not clean.

    How long until the cities of Algoma & Kewaunee experience the same fate as Toledo, Ohio? http://news.msn.com/us/lake-eries-algae-woes-began-building-a-decade-ago

    We have a serious problem that continues to grow larger…


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