Cream of the Crop

Milk is perceived as a healthful food produced by happy cows on green hillsides. But the reality of U.S. dairy production doesn’t quite match the wholesome image. Hundreds of thousands of small pasture-based dairies have disappeared from the landscape as milk production is increasingly occurring at CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations)— large and crowded facilities that take advantage of ill-advised farm policies to make a less nutritious product; pollute our air, water, and soil; and reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics in humans.

(lead paragraph from the Executive Summary of Cream of the Crop–The Economic Benefits of Organic Dairy Farms, a report by Union of Concerned Scientists ©2012)

Read the Executive Summary and the full report in the files provided below.




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  1. Brian

    It would behoove the Dairy Industry to note that while they proclaim to “do a body good”, many of thier practices–especially of the mega-dairies– have the potential to do great harm to human health. The mega dairies here in Kewaunee County, the treatment of animals kept in confinement–while we say what wonderful lives they have–the ugly large buildings, plastic, tires, bunkers etc., and of course the stench and pollution, have personally “soured” our family’s desire for dairy products. The dairy we do buy is from farmer’s like Castlerock Dairy in Eau Claire.


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